Wayback Machine: The internet DOES remember everything

Just a quick post to say, it’s been FIVE long years. What’s good??!

I didn’t realize I’ve been away from writing for that long but the important thing is, I am now back and determined to stay. Maybe.

There’s so much going on now that I’d like to tell you about. From the dark web to CryptoKitties to interesting marketing-related tidbits… I can’t wait to share them here!

Wayback Machine: My savior and your key to the internet’s past

I actually lost my entire site due to sheer stupidity. Long story short, I let my account on my web host expire. I was sent multiple email notices but because I also switched email addresses, I wasn’t seeing any of them.

By the time I realized it, a year had already passed. I emailed my web hosting provider, desperately asking for help. I didn’t have any sort of backup implemented. I know, I know. They sympathized but said the only thing that is to be said: nope, you’re SOL.

Then a friend asked me if I had checked Wayback Machine. Luckily, my site has been saved a few times. So now my 5-year-old posts are back!

Feel free to look around and get some major throwback feels. E.g. The popularity of group buying sites, Facebook’s “new” timeline feature, and Magnum’s hashtag marketing.

And yes, you can also check Wayback Machine to see your old blogs/websites if you’ve had any.

Using Wayback Machine

Unfortunately, it won’t work for closed sites where you’ll need to log in like Multiply or Friendster — which is a relief TBH! Who wants to see their old Friendster profiles and their testimonials??

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