What is this new Facebook Page metric called “People Talking About”?

Facebook just released three new metrics to add to your Facebook Page Insights just last week.

The other 2 metrics are just different versions of what the old Facebook Analytics had – Likes and Reach (in the old version it was Weekly/Monthly Likes and Interactions)

The newest one that’s being talked about is called “People Talking About.”

Here’s how the old Facebook Insights page used to look like:

When I read an article about this on Mashable, I was sure they weren’t going to use “People Talking About” as the final product feature name. I mean, what is that?!

Why not use something like “Brand Activity” or something?! At least use a noun. But I digress.

So what does this People Talking About have?

It measures ‘stories’ generated by your Facebook page’s post. It includes:

  1. Post Likes
  2. Number of Post Shares
  3. Post Comments
  4. Number of Answers to Your Question
  5. Event RSVPs

Here’s how it looks like on our other brand page:

A note to HootSuite users: You’re supposed to see the pink dots on dates where your page posted but I didn’t see any on ours. My guess is that this is because we didn’t post using Facebook directly.

Interestingly, we had one post on the 2nd of October which was a Facebook Question (meaning we didn’t use HootSuite) but obviously, it still didn’t show up in there. Not sure what happened. (I’ll post again if I see any changes on our Insights page.)

I don’t know if I’m blind but I can’t seem to find the Engaged Users and Talking About This graph that Facebook included in their Insights document. It’s supposed to look like this:

If you’re able to see this on your Insights page, please let me know where you found it.

What’s good about this new set of metrics is that you get to drill down on where your most active Facebook fans are from.

You also get to find out if they like answering your questions more than commenting on your posts or even analyze which type of content is most likely to be shared.

AND you find out that no matter how annoying the Ticker was (I’m used to it now), it actually helps your Facebook page. But I’m pretty sure you already knew that. Check out our Like sources:

I wish they broke it down even more though. I want to see which Facebook Likes are directly from our Page, from the News Feed or from the Ticker.

Overall this is good news. The weekly Active Users and New Likes didn’t really help much and I’m happy Facebook is offering even more detailed analytics.

….Except for this one bit of change they’re going to make. Facebook will soon be getting rid of the Reviews tab.

This does not make me happy because we now have a lot of reviews and they’re all 5 stars (fine, maybe 99%)!

We’ve had this tab up since 2009 and I cherish this section of our page just because it’s so hard to get people started on writing reviews.

Since the brand we handle does not have a physical location, I’m not sure our Facebook fans will even get a chance to write a recommendation for us.

This is sad news. So if you have a lot of reviews on Facebook (using the Reviews tab of course), I suggest you save them now for future reference… and for sentimental reasons.

For Facebook Page owners and admins, you can try out this new Insights page by going to http://www.facebook.com/insights/ and clicking the link up top to view the new Facebook Page Insights.

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