My Experience with ClickTheCity’s Mobile Ordering App

I’ve been trying out ClickTheCity’s iPhone app for 2 weekends now. Except for some minor glitches, it actually works!

When I tried it out last Saturday, CTC’s mobile ordering had only been running for a week (they officially launched this feature just this 25th of November). I knew it was really new so I wasn’t expecting much from it.

The fact that there aren’t a lot of restaurants to choose from even though they’ve already partnered up with QuickDelivery is something I was expecting. For fast food fans, they only have McDonald’s and Shakey’s for now (not sure if they’ll be adding more).

Their app may not be as cool as Pizza Hut’s iPhone app in the US (launched 2 years ago btw), but I think we might just be getting there. Okay fine, maybe 25% but this is progress anyway!


I was expecting this process to take forever since I already encountered a problem with their “just drop the pin to add your address” feature. I knew that sounded too good to be true!

See, here I picked a random location and dropped the pin there BUT when you click Next, the address fields are all still empty. So uhh, what was the point in doing that again?

Click the City App

But aside from that, the registration process was pretty smooth.


Remember, you will only be able to view the list of merchants once you’ve added your address in. Without it, you have no other way of seeing the list of merchants and their menus (I’ve spent a good 5 minutes trying to figure this out so that’s minus points for UI).

You see that minimum order of Php 500? Remember that too. Because once you order, the QuickDelivery rep will try and tell you that you haven’t bought enough to qualify for delivery and that you should buy at least Php 750 worth of food.

Just cite this page on the app and that it says it’s just supposed to be Php 500 and they will quickly say “Okay ma’am.” So I’m not sure if they were just trying to upsell in a really really bad way or they just didn’t know. Either way, it happened to me all 3 times I’ve ordered. So don’t forget that part unless you want to be suckered into ordering more food.


It takes about 15 minutes after you’ve placed your order for QuickDelivery to call you. The first time I ordered, I was sure they didn’t get it so I ended up calling them not realizing I also received an email confirmation 2 minutes before I called.

They will email you first and then within 5 minutes, you’ll be receiving a call confirming your order. If you’ve ever ordered from QuickDelivery via phone, you know that it takes about 5-10 minutes to place your order. So if you’re starving, do not take this route.


Overall, my experience using this app wasn’t so bad. I’ll use it again and will recommend others to try it out too. Although I do have some things on my wishlist for this app:

  1. I’d order more often if there are more restaurants to choose from.
  2. There should always be images for all food items. This one is self-explanatory. If I’m ordering from a new restaurant, it would help if I can see how that “Seafood Hofan” looks like.
  3. I should be allowed to add details regarding my order because it would be easier to just have the customer rep recap all that instead of me explaining it every single time. (I’m the customize-my-order type when it comes to food. No mayo, no lettuce, please have the sauce on the side, etc.)
  4. If I’m a regular customer, it would be nice if I will just receive my order without getting a confirmation call. Because really, what’s the point in ordering online or through your phone if I still have to talk to someone to confirm my orders.
  5. I should be able to add my credit card info in so I no longer have to worry about preparing cash.

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