Why I’m Tempted to Unfollow You on Twitter

People like reading tweets that make them learn something new: a good article, a new perspective, an interesting photo – anything that adds to their current “knowledge base.”

At least that’s how I use Twitter.

To come up with this list, I just had to think of what other people share that 1) doesn’t add value and 2) even blasts negative energy out to whoever reads it.

If you haven’t done any of these things, you’re awesome. Give me your Twitter username!

Now for my list.

I’m considering unfollowing you because…

1. You’re constantly being passive-aggressive.

Your hobby is to hate on someone (whether IRL or online) and tweet about it without identifying them. You usually make it really vague and specific at the same time.

As in “You are so annoying. Stop acting like you know everything!” (That’s a crappy example but you know what I mean) I don’t know what or who you’re talking about (vague) but you’re talking about someone who did something (specific).

If I don’t really know you and I read this tweet – what value do I get? I just know you’re hating on someone and you’re telling the whole world.

It makes me wonder if you’ve actually told the person involved (the decent thing to do) or I end up asking myself why you’re even telling us in the first place.

Has social media turned us all into a bunch of cowards constantly asking for sympathy and attention from our friends/followers?

2. You like to whine… a lot. That, or you’re too emo.

I don’t think I need to explain this one. Who likes seeing multi-tweet rants? You whine about your job, your friends, the weather. I don’t know if you’re trying to make me feel better since I’m not complaining about any of that, or if you just want to share your misery… Eeyore.

Emo tweets are even worse. If you’re lucky, it could even be a combination of being passive-aggressive and ridiculously heartbroken/sad/lonely.

You talk about yourself 99% of the time. You even retweet compliments about yourself.

Do we really need to know that you have followers who think you’re the best this or that?

If you think we absolutely must, here’s a meme that really captures how I feel for you:

I say I’m tempted to unfollow because I probably haven’t unfollowed you yet. I have hope that one day you’ll share something really interesting, or funny at least. If not, maybe I’ll just use it to my advantage.

A Twitter friend once told me this when I told her I use the mute function on Twitter:

@Skushno ignoring & being tolerant is better practice. But mute helps us focus.

It’s tough being tolerant but I like the idea. Not trying to be cheesy here but it does teach us how to be more patient and understanding.

Not everyone will behave the way we want them to. Besides, it’s Twitter anyway so if you still don’t share anything interesting and continue nurturing your Debbie the Downer side, then I’ll just hit unfollow.

No one should take being unfollowed personally.

Twitter lang, walang personalan. 🙂

I now use Tweetbot for my phone.

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