Got unfollowed, unfriended… rejected? Two reasons to not feel bad.

Unfriending and private profiles are the new trends on social networks.

I thought about this some more and realized there are two main reasons why people are doing this.

Now I know this isn’t mind-blowingly new and there may be other reasons as well but I figured I’ll make a quick list out of it anyway.

Let’s say you’re the person who was unfriended. Painful and perhaps slightly embarrassing to realize but read up, it’s not that bad.

They most likely did that because…

1. They’re just trying to protect what they’re posting or will be posting.

  • If you’re paranoid, they’re probably going to start bashing you. Dundundun.
  • They’re just trying to downsize their friends list.

2. They are now questioning your “friendship level.” (Notice that I didn’t use “circles”) This is what happens after people realize the consequences of going on a Facebook friend adding craze.

  • You barely know each other. You can’t even remember the last time you guys talked.
  • Or you post things that make them question if you should still be their friend or why you’re even friends in the first place.

Whether you’re the one unfriending or the unfriended, understand that it’s… for the best.

Maybe you’ll be friends again one day. Ha!

But seriously, now that you know why they’ve unfriended or unfollowed, is there really a reason to feel bad?

Would you have wanted that person to keep seeing your posts even though it irked them? Clearly that person is just opting out.

Maybe there’s a good reason, maybe there’s not.

Either way, no need to feel bad. Granted that you weren’t close anyway, look at it as just a “trend.” 🙂

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